Sr. No.Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI for B.P.Ed
1Amount (INR in Lakhs)500000
3FDR Number005200PU00010069
Sr. No.Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI for B.P.Ed
1Amount (INR in Lakhs)700000
3FDR Number005200PU00010078
  Annual fees charged from students of different programmes and annual fees fixed by the state Govt. for different programmes  
Sr. No.ProgrammeTotal Annual Fee charged by the Institution(Current Session)Fee fixed by the Central/State/Union Territory Government(Current Session)
1B.P.Ed22320  22320
Mention if Fee concession or scholarships are given to students  No

Income during the previous academic session

Sr. No.Head/Source of IncomeIncome in INR (Write NA for not applicable)
1Income from fees1316880
2Grant received from State govt. if any0
3Income from other sources: donation etc.0
Total Income1316880.00
  Expenditure during the Previous Academic Session  
Sr. No.Head of ExpenditureExpenditure in INR(Write NA for not applicable)
ACapital Expenditure
1Expenditure incurred on augmentation of infrastructure369845
2Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional Resources0
BRecurring Expenditure
3Staff Salary841423
4Interest Payment on loans0
5Loan Repayment0
6Miscellaneous expenditure0
CTransfer to Capital Account
7Transfer to Governing Body0
Total Expenditure1211268.00
Whether Balance Sheet of the previous Academic Session has been displayedNo