Code Of Conduct


Students who have enrolled for a course is implied to have gone through and fully understood.

  The Syllabus of the course enrolled for
The Application Form should be completely filled along with requird document attached to it and should be submitted within  specified span of time.

  The eligibility criteria for the course

  The commitment of students as stated in the students code of conduct.

  Admission to a course is non transferable to any other individual.

  Kindly go through the notice board for the class time table, exam schedule, day to day activities and any changes of schedule.

  Fee once paid is non refundable.

  University has the right to any syllabus without prior information.

  If the information provide by the student in the form is found incorrect or incomplete. The principal has right to cancel the admission.

  A student can change facultywith in 15days by paying a fee of Rs.50 only if

  There are vacant seats in desired faculty

  The student satisfies the eligibility criteria of desired faculty.

  Faculty change is permitted according to state government rules.

  A student appearing in supplimentary exam will be given provisinal admission in next class and fees in this case will be non_refundable.

  Admission will be given on the basis of merit list which will be put on the notice board. If the student does not submit fees within specified time then other students will be considered for admission.

  All the students are given provisional admission till the student is enrolled in the university.

  If a student is enrolled as a regular student and later wants to become non_collegiate then student has to inform the college, otherwise fees for whole session will be charged.

Uniforms and outfits should be purchased from the shop specified from the college

Library Rules

The library in any institution reflects the ethos and the culture of the institution. The college has good library and a reading room. The total no. of books in library are about 3,500. These books fulfill the requirement of College. Library has important encyclopedia, dictionaries, recent books related to education. Open accession system is used in library.

Library provides two books on loan to college students on the library tokens. The library remain open on all working days from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Some newspapers, magazines and journals subscribed in library are as follows-


Madhumati                                                       Good Home Maker
Grah Shobha                                                     Outlook
Sarita                                                                  Sakhi
India Today                                                      Computer Sanchar
Pratiyogita Darpan                                       Competition Success
Grah Laxmi                                                      Sahitya Amrit
Aha! Zindgi                                                       Yojna
Lakhya                                                              Vigyan
Meri Saheli                                                       Indian Journal of Public Health
Vanita                                                                Careers 360
Kadambni                                                        The India Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
Journal of Chemical Science                       Digit
Samaz Kalyan                                                 Social Welfare

News Papers

Rajasthan Patrika
Times of India
Dainik Navjyoti
Dainik Bhasker
Punjab Kesri
Maheka Bharat
Rajgrah Samachar
Tarun Desh

Library Rules-
Library borrower card is not transferable.

Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Librarian

Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the material borrowed or taken out of the library by them may be checked

  Upon any infringement of the library rules members shall forfeit the privileges of admission and membership of the library

The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner

The members caught tearing pages/stealing of books will be suspended forthwith from using the library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the University

Readers are not allowed to borrow books on the card of another reader.

Deposit your personal belongings at the property counter .

Use of library is strictly reserved for readers possessing a library membership card.

In case of lost book/library card it should be reported immediately in writing to the librarian

Smoking, eatables and drinks are not allowed in the library premises


Student are required to maintain decorum while attending the classes and in the college campus
All rules applicable in the college, with respect to use of Computers and other infrastructures must be strictly followed.
College managment reserves the right to suspend/debar/expel any student involved in unlawful or nefarious activity.
Indiscipline of any kind will be punishable under article 88 and 152 of the Universities Act.
Ragging is a crime and will result in serious consequences.
Cell Phones are not allowed.
Leave the class rooms in your vacant period.
Don't disturb other classes when you are free.
Attendence Rules
75% attendence is compulsory for regular students
Information regarding the attendence will be sent twice in an acadmic session through post.Discepancies in the report if any may be communicated to the concerned
Students with less then 75% attendence will be made private according to the amendment 144-145 of M.D.S.University, Ajmer.
Payment Of Fees
Fee once paid is non_refundable.
At the time of admission, students are requested to collect their invoices from the accounts department. In order to know the pattern of installments, students are requested to maintain the same and produce them whenever requested by the college staff.
Students have the option of paying the fees either in lump sum or in installments as agreed upon at the time of admission.
In case of payment by installment first has to be paid at the time of admission, second installment in October and third installment in January. If due fees is not paid, a fine of Rs.50/- will be charged per month.
The mode of payment shall be in cash.
Bus fees will be charged quarterly.Bus facility once availed will be charged for 8 months.
Other than college fees the student need to pay
i.Eligibility fees(If requried)
ii.Enrollment fees
iii.Examination fees