About Us

This school has been completed 59 yrs. Of education. This school began like a plant and today it is like a big tree. There are 1100 girls are studying in this institution, once started with only 3 girls.

In Board exams, girls give us 99 percent results in IX to XII class, which is better not only in district but also other district of state. We try to introduce whole knowledge of curriculum to the girls so that they can make their future brights. This institution established on 14 November 1960 that was 72nd birthday of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru. Mahila Ashram’s work in the field of women education has been of a special type. It can not be classified as routine type of work. It also cannot be classified as social welfare type of work. It is a unique blending.

The Institution is known for Quality Education. We cultivate each and every root for all round development of girls personality in a secure serene atmosphere with optimum infra structure. In the guidance of well qualified mentors students have real chances for creativeness not only in education but also in co-curricular activities, games and sports.

Individual Attention

Every child is specific and hence need personal attention. It is paid to bring out her Genius. Nationality and Ideal Citizenship. The school is established, nourished and florished by renowned freedom fighters hence development of Ideal Citizenship and Nationalist Traits are Knitted in Educational Programmes. Parents of our students feel blessed when their kids perform the best of their class in cultural, musical and band performances which is outstanding and known as “Mahila Ashram’s Pride”

Games and Sports

In every session the institution is honoured by Trophies, championships and Awards at District, state and National level in various Games and sports.
We empower the students to become competent To follow- “ Healthy mind in a Healthy Body”